Closely Held and Family Owned Businesses

Closely held and family owned businesses are an important part of the United States economy.  Statistics show that approximately 80% of all United States businesses are closely held or family owned.  Further, these businesses account for slightly more than 18% of the employment in the United States.

However, closely held and family businesses can present unique problems because the dynamics of the ownership/family system and the dynamics of the business systems are often not aligned or in balance.  Successfully balancing the differing interests of the owners/family on the one hand and the interests of the business on the other hand require the people involved to have the competencies, character and commitment to do this work.

The attorneys at Dale & Eke possess these characteristics, as well as the knowledge and experience to assist clients in the successful operation of their business.  These attorneys work with clients to create plans for business operation and management, including:



Entity Selection (Corporation, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Etc.)

Entity Organization, Formation and Filings

Shareholder Agreements and Buy-Sell Agreements

Employment Documents (Employee Manuals, Employment Contracts, Etc.)

Non-compete/Nondisclosure Agreements

Confidentiality Agreements

Recapitalization of Corporation (Voting/Non-Voting Stock)

Real Estate Acquisition or Sale

Tax-Exempt Organizations

Strategic Planning

Mergers and Acquisitions

Sale of Business (Stock/Asset Purchase Agreements)

Exit and Succession Planning

Estate and Gift Tax Planning



Dale & Eke recognizes the importance of closely held and family owned businesses, and the success and continuation of these businesses.  Let the attorneys at Dale & Eke use their knowledge and experience to assist you in the successful operation of your business, now and in future generations.

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